Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Right from under one's nose...

My husband and I share two pairs of reading glasses between us.

As I sat reading the newspaper in the sitting room, my husband picked up another sheet to read, then looked around for a pair of glasses. He found one pair quite easily, and helped himself to them from their perch on my nose, because the other pair was 'far away' in another room.

I could not complain that my glasses were taken away from right UNDER my nose, can I?

Scissors Vs Incisors

My son likes to add some mild spices to his curd rice.

He wished to add a pouch of oregano, and he was told to fetch a pair of SCISSORS to help himself.

Extending the pouch to an obliging parent, he got his father to tear open the pouch using the teeth.

Then he triumphantly pointed out: "See, I got a pair of INCISORS to do the job..."

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

uTo, pArth....!

One of the wake up calls that can be heard at home is Rise and Shine! Another is uTo, pArth, gAndIva sambhAlo! (or Utho Parth, Gandiv sambhalo! if you want it the not-properly-transliterated way)

Rise and Shine, apparently has its origins in the Bible. An equivalent call is, obviously, Arise, Awake! Stop not.......

One day it was the turn for using Sri Krishna's call to Arjuna - uTo, pArth, gAndIva sambhAlo! (Arise, Arjuna, String your bow)
I called out to our son, expectantly waiting for a sleepy answer.

Moments later, a different but equally lethargic voice answered - "Sambhaalke rakhaa hogaa..."

Friday, September 17, 2010

"Why can't we discuss?"

Returning from a tough social sciences paper, my son was asked by his grandfather- "How was the paper?"

7th grader: "Not very good. Geography was ok, but not history and civics."

GF: "Did you discuss the answers with your friends after the exam?"

7th grader: "No. What I can't understand is this - though the paper includes questions that begin with 'Discuss the following', the teacher does not let us discuss...."

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Broccoli, Carrots and Sun Glasses

In the evenings, after all attendees at a Sanskrit camp were rejuvenated with some bhajans sung with gusto, younger minds were usually separated from older minds so that older minds could listen un-interrupted to some thought-stimulating talks. With a lot of gusto of my own I decided to treat the young minds to some thought-stimulating talk of their own! Not used to dealing with children on an hour-to-hour basis, my lack of familiarity with their vocabulary spectrum showed up in a very amusing way when I inadvertently used the word 'perspective'. Here is a snippet of conversation that followed.

Young curious mind (YCM): What is 'perspective'?

Me: Hm... Have you seen a 3D movie?

YCM: What is a 3D movie?

Me: Hmm... Have you worn sun glasses?

YCM: What is sun glasses?

Me; Hmmm... Have you seen your father wear dark glasses when he goes out in the Sun?

YCM: Oh! When my dad was young, he did not eat broccoli or carrots. So, he has to wear glasses now …

Once realization dawned on me about what carrots and broccoli had to do with sun glasses (he indeed was a cool kid - he had taken the Sun out!), I was thoroughly amused and helpless with laughter.

My next sane question elicited an yelled out 'yes'. The smart person that I was, I said “You do not have to yell! I ate my broccoli and carrots when young, so my hearing is intact!” Pleased that I had handled smartness with smartness, I was about to proceed when another young curious mind piped up “If you ate your broccoli and carrots, why did you need glasses in class to read a book?” - I had had to confess to not being able to read some small letters, and switched to a story with relatively bigger letters.

Now I understand why others entrusted with the task of tending to the young minds chose physical play-time to wear out the young imps rather than attempt any thought-stimulating talk! All said, I am very proud of the eventual rapt attention I was able to elicit out of them!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lip Service!

He is no romantic by any stretch of the imagination; a 'simple and happy family person' is the unwritten middle name. She could fit the bill as a 'practical romantic', which is very different from being star-struck.

Once when the ambience was just right, they happened to be simply holding hands in companionship. She impulsively touched the back of his hand to her lips. Moments later she was pleasantly surprised when the gesture was unexpectedly returned by her life partner.

Relish the moment she did, but couldn't resist quipping "Lip service, eh?"

Why are you wearing the same dress today?

I had the opportunity to teach young minds Sanskrit at a Sanskrit camp. While packing, I took summer and Sanskrit into account and ended up with cottons, but mostly earth tones. While my mind balked at the color monotonousness, I didn't have the time to diversify!

So, second day of camp, one young curious mind wanted to know - “Why are you wearing the same dress as yesterday?” Internally chiding myself for not taking the time to diversify, I made the general disclaimer to my class of ten tens (average age) - “Oh! This is a different dress, and all my dresses this trip are similar colors.” Final day of camp, my attire stood out from the rest of the ensembles, I guess! I had to survive the declaration “You said you brought same colors! But, this is different!”

Do I applaud the children for being observant, or, do I squirm for the rest of my life at the thought they thought I wore the same dress for three full days before finally changing into something different on the fourth day!